domingo, 3 de noviembre de 2013

Aquí Llueve #14: Frozen darts

¡Hooola, hermosos!

En este precioso día, les traigo esta actualización de desafío con la que, de hecho, casi lo termino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Porque me queda uno solo más que ya encontré ^^

Libro: Until I Die
Autor(a): Amy Plum
"Not caring what direction I was heading, I plunged deeper into the acres of gravesA cold rain began to pelt down like frozen darts, stinging my skin, and I ducked into a little Gothic-style structure carved in stone. 
The roof was supported only by pillars, giving me shelter from the rain, but leaving me exposed to the cold wind. I hunched down next to an aboveground tomb topped by two statues lying side by side, their hands pressed together in eternal prayer on their marble bed. After a moment of casting around in my memory, I remembered where I was -I had stopped here on the walking tour with my mother. It was the tomb of Abelard and Héloise. How fitting, I thought, that on today, of all days, I end up at the grave site of France's most famous tragic lovers."
Chap. 5; pag. 45.

So yeaaaahhhhh, estúpida Kate siendo estúpida *shrugs*
Para el último guardé uno de Y por eso Rompimos, que es mucho más bonito ^^

Disculpen que sea tan tarde para la entrada, ayer me olvidé de programarla ^^U

¡Feliz domingo! ^^

Atomic Kitten, fuera ;D

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Maii dijo...

Hola! (:

Yay por casi terminarlo ^^
Por qué anda dando paseos por el cementerio?

Besos :3

esa estrella... dijo...

Felicidades por casi terminarlo ^^
Me encanta este desafío :)